Marvel vs Capcom 4 Could Drop All X-Men In 2017

Marvel vs Capcom has always had a special place in the heart their fans and now Capcom is ready to work on a new Marvel vs Capcom game but this time, we might see less X-Men characters and more of some of the newer Marvel characters.

It has been reported that Capcom will be choosing their characters based on the cinematic universe that Marvel Studios has created this past few year which means we should be seeing more Antman, Groot, and fewer X-Mens. There should still be a few characters left but it won’t be as much as the previous games.

We do not know how the fans will react to this since X-Men has always been a huge part of the game.

According to Polygon, the new Marvel vs Capcom 4 will be announced at the Playstation Experience event and that it will be release in 2017. What new superheroes are you hoping would make the Marvel list this time around?

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