Overkill’s The Walking Dead Might As Well Be Dead

With so little news about The Walking Dead by Overkill, you would think that the developers might have quietly killed it off without telling us.

We were all looking forward to the release of The Walking Dead game by Overkill because we know that their version will be very different from The Walking Dead game that Telltale has to offer right now. According to Overkill, The Walking Dead game is going to be a co-op game.

When it was first announced, the developers said that the game will be arriving in 2016 but it was later delayed. No new window was ever announced but most people seems to believe that the game will only be arriving at the end of 2017. That is still pretty optimistic. We think that it might even be pushed all the way back to 2018.

The Walking Dead game by Overkill will be released for the Xbox One, PC as well as PS4.

Steven Estevez

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