Overkill’s The Walking Dead: In For A Long Ride

We know that the game is still being developed and that the game did not make the last dateline so how long more will we have to wait?

The developers announce last year that they need more time with the game and that they had to push it back but no new release window was release since then. So far, we have had very little detail about the Overkill’s The Walking Dead.

Of course, they could still pull a Middle Earth and us and announce it out of the blue but most fans believe that the game is still far from complete and that we might not even get the game this year.

To be fair, most of the big gaming event have not happened yet and they could just be waiting for the right time to announce it but at this moment, all we know that is the Walking Dead game by Overkill is going to be a co-op game and that it will have everything from survival, to role playing, action and stealth.

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