Overkill’s The Walking Dead: How Long More?

Zombie game fans have been waiting for Overkill to release their version of the Walking Dead game but after years of waiting, we still have not seen a thing from the developers.

The game was announced a few years ago and since then, people have been waiting for the developers to release the game. It was originally set to be released this year but we know that it will not happen since the de elopers made it clear that they needed more time so how long more will we have to wait?

Well, some poeple believe that we will be seeing the game next year but other think that we might have to wait until 2018 as there seems to be so little information about the game right now.

The new Walking Dead game is not going to be like the Telltale version. Instead of that, we will be getting a new co-op zombie game.

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