Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Will Take Up Your Whole Hand

There have already been reports about Samsung looking to compensate for the missing Note device by increasing the size of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and now new reports are saying that one of the Samsung Galaxy S8 devices will come with a huge 6inch display screen.

According to Naver, Samsung will be releasing a few Samsung Galaxy S8 models next year and one of them, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will be coming in with a 6inch display screen.

We know that there will most likely b two, the 5inch and the 5.5inch but the 6inch model is something we did not expect to see coming with the S8. It is believed that Samsung will not be rushing things this time around and that they might not announce the new S8 at MWC ext year but will instead have an event a few months later to announce the S8. Protection Status