No Man’s Sky Is Open For All, Not Playstation Plus Exclusive

The No Man’s Sky game will introduce us to a totally new game concept and because of that, we are still not sure how the game will work.

We know that you won’t need to be connected to the internet to play the game since the universe is generated with the game code but there are also features in the game that would require players to connect online. If that is the case, does that means that players will have to sign up for a Playstation Plus account to use some of its online features?

Well, it has just been confirmed that you won’t need a PS Plus account to play No Man’s Sky online.

Some of the online feature that the game will have includes The Atlas where players can actually upload some of their new found planets online. They can also upload new plants and lifeforms. Players can track their friends online and also go on an adventure together.

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