Nissan Leaf Still Not Getting Any Closer, New Details Reveal

We have been waiting for Nissan to release a new Nissan Leaf for years now and it does not look like we are getting any closer to the new Leaf but at least we got to learn more about the future Nissan Leaf at CES this year.

Nissan was at CES where they reveal that the new Nissan Leaf will come with a new autonomous tech. Called the ProPilot technology, the tech will be able to take over from the driver in during single-lane highway driving.

As exciting as that sounds, the consumers were also a little worried since Nissan did not say anything about increasing the range of the Nissan Leaf. The range of the Leaf is currently one fo the biggest problem consumers are having with the Leaf.

Previous reports suggest that the new Nissan Leaf will be coming with a 200+ range but some people are worried that Nissan might be focusing too much on their tech that they forgot all about the range. Protection Status