Nioh Beta: What Are The People Saying

After everything they have shown us, the fans were a little disappointed with Nioh when they first allowed us to test it out. The developers listened to what their fans have to say and have applied some of the updates to the new Nioh beta version. So what do the gamers think of it now?

Well, most of them seem to like the changes Nioh made to the game. One of the changes that worked seems to be the removal of the weapon durability. Instead of that, the developers now offers a bar where players can fill up with soul. The meter will drop a little everytime you die.

Other players also notice how much smoother the game is right now. They also liked it that the developers actually decided to add in a tutorial now. So far, the reviews have been great. Let’s see if they manage to keep it that way when the actual game arrives.


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