BMW Z4: It’s The End Of The Road, Nobody Mourning

It looks like this is the end for the BMW Z4 but there is no reason to be sad yet because a successor for the BMW Z4 is in the making.

According to BMW, the BMW Z4 journey will be over by the end of this month but BMW will be replacing it with the BMW Z5, the first model from the new BMW and Toyota partnership.

The thing that we hope BMW would work on is the ride of the car as well as the handling. Those were some of the issues that customers seem to have with the BMW Z4. With the kind of price they are asking for, customers cold have easily gone for a Boxster, F-Type or the Corvette and they would have probably been happier with it.

It is said that its successor, the BMW Z5 will be coming with a four or six cylinder engine and will also be showing us the new exterior design for the upcoming Toyota Supra as well.

Steven Estevez

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