Nintendo Switch: Not Pre-Ordering Won’t Cause Trouble

As exciting as the Nintendo Switch was, not everybody was ready to commit before they see this Nintendo Switch in action It is still a new console and nobody really knows how it will perform when it arrives.

If you are one of those that did not pre-order the Nintendo Switch, you will still be able to get the console if you decided you want one on the 3rd of March. Walmart has already revealed that they will have a number of consoles in store on the day it is release.

Target has also announced that there will be a limited number of consoles available online and in their stores so you can still get out and get yourself one. Of course, we do not know how much stock they have but at least we know there will be some.

There were speculations that their stores will not offer the Switch on the day of release because they have run out of pre-order stock last month but it looks like Target has got it all under control.

However, unlike Best Buy and Gamestop, no launch event has been announced which means you can only get it when the store open at its regular hours. Protection Status