Nintendo Switch Needs Protection Agaisnt Itself!

The worst thing you can do to your new Nintendo Switch is to scratch it and based on what some of the users are saying, it looks like it won’t be hard to scratch it especially if you are docking it all the time.

According to some of the users, their Nintendo Switch quickly started collecting scratches at the bottom corner of the console thanks to the console dock. The images that were posted also showed obvious scratches at the bottom of the device. Even if the dock does not scratch it, it does look like the screen is not that tough and you might just get it scratch while carrying it around.

So if you want to make sure your console is scratch free, you might want to get it a screen protector. After spending so much to get the console, you might as well pay a little more to get it protected.

The are more than a few choices of screen protectors on Amazon right now so take your pick!

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