Nintendo Switch Handheld Not As Free As It Sounds

The best part about the Nintendo Switch console is that you will be able to turn it into a handheld model and play your games wherever you are but if you are into online games, playing wherever you are is going to be an issue.

There were speculations that the Nintendo Switch might come with a 3G or LTE connection so that the online game fans can play their online games wherever they are but according to the FCC filings, the Nintendo Switch will only come with Bluetooth and WiFi connection. 3G and LTE connection will not be available which means you will still have to search for a WiFi zone to play online.

The FCC filings also reveal a little more about the device including the non-removable battery. Users won’t be able to swap battery on the go although some people believe that third parties might start selling external expansions when the console arrives.

Nintendo will be revealing more on the 12th of January so stay tuned.

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