Nintendo Switch: Console, Handheld & VR?

We know that the Nintendo Switch is going to come as a hybrid console. Users can choose to play it as a console or a handheld device but new rumors are now saying that the Nintendo Switch might also have the ability to transform into a VR headset as well.

This rumor started after a patent for the Nintendo Switch VR headset was reveal. In the files, it shows the Nintendo Switch being slotted into a wearable VR headset. It was also believed that the built-in sensors in the console will help the device track the movement of the head.

As exciting as it sounds, some people think that it will not happen. According to Sony, to experience the best VR experience, the device will have to run at last 60fps. It is believed that the Nintendo Switch will only be able to run at 720p which means its VR will not be great.

What do you think? SHold Nintendo go down that route? Protection Status