Nintendo Switch: Best Buy Has More To Offer Once More

After all the hype, we were not surprise that the fans were scrambling to pre-order the Nintendo Switch when it was available. Soon after Best Buy started accepted pre-orders, they ran out of stock and a lot of fans were left hanging.

Luckily, Best Buy has now announced that they have restock the Nintendo Switch and is once more ready to take in pre-orders. We do not know how much they have right now so if you are looking to pre-order one, you might want to do it fast.

However, if you are still on the fence and would like to wait a little longer before purchasing one, there is no need to worry. Actually to Best Buy, consumers will still be able to get the device on the 3rd of March even if they did not pre-order it.

Best Buy seems to be confident that they have more than enough stock to meet the demand of their customers when the console arrives next month.

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