Toyota Prius Prime, Chevy Bolt, Kia Optima: Who’s Greener

This year has been all about the green cars and now Green Car Journal is trying to decide which green model is the Green Car of the Year.

The vehicles that were chosen includes the Toyota Prius Prime, Kia Optima, Chevrolet Bolt, Chrysler Pacifica, and the BMW 330e iPerformance. The new winner will be taking the crown from the Chevrolet Volt which was voted as the Green Car of the Year last year. So which model do you think deserves to win.

The Toyota Prius Prime model with its updated plug-in engine is currently one of the best hybrids in the market but Chevrolet is not going to just roll over and let them win. The Chevrolet Bolt with its long EV range is definitely going to give the Prius Prime a run for its money.

The results will be announced at the LA Auto Show happening on the 17th of November. Protection Status