New Zelda for Wii U breaks boundaries like never before

In an recent interview at E3, Eiji Aonuma of Nintendo talked fans through the latest Legend of Zelda title, which will allow deeper exploration of surrounding landscapes and not limit players to play through the game in a set order.

The brave new approach, Aonuma explains, is a way to re-create the feeling that we are playing in a large world, something that was lost along the way when The Legend of Zelda first transitioned to a more 3D style gameplay. Aonuma has previously spoken about what makes Zelda games so successful, citing their uniqueness and their ability to keep growing and improving, which is hard to miss when you witness the evolution of the Legend of Zelda over time. And the new gameplay footage in the trailer certainly makes a bold statement, featuring stunningly rendered background landscapes, an epic monster chase that impresses with its realism as much as its artistry, as well as everybody’s favourite horse, Epona. Riding aimlessly through Gerudo Valley in Ocarina of Time was definitely one of the highlights of the game, and when Majora’s Mask showed us the infamous Skull Kid getting rid of Epona, we may have cried a little. Epona’s subsequent return in Twilight Princess was definitely a triumphant one, and it looks like she is set to reprise that very same role in the upcoming game.

The currently untitled Legend of Zelda addition will be out for Wii U in 2015. For more Zelda news, be sure to follow MotoringCrunch on twitter.

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