Mass Effect 4 Won’t Be Completely Detached

As we all know, the tentatively-titled Mass Effect 4 will be offering a brand new adventure with a new protagonist in place. Bioware even assured the fans that the events in this upcoming fourth sequel will be taking place in the same Mass Effect universe.

In detail, Mass Effect 4 will be a sequel to the first Mass Effect trilogy, taking place long after the Reaper Wars. Despite that fact, Bioware revealed that the game will be referencing to the first trilogy.

Bioware’s Aaryn Flynn revealed that it is the company’s upmost priority to keep Mass Effect 4 as a totally different game from the series. However, Bioware wish to add in some essence from the first trilogy in order to get the nods from the fans.

After showing off Mass Effect 4’s teaser at E3, Aaryn was bombarded with questions on returning characters. The lad responded by claiming that there won’t be any returning characters at all. Instead, alien races will return.

To cap things off, Mass Effect 4 will be focusing on exploration. The game will be introducing many new worlds. As exciting as it may sound, the game is still far away from its debut. Fans can expect more details when they are nearing the game’s release date.

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