New GTA 5 Online Heists Are Being Held Up By Hackers Really

Only a month ago, GTA Online players were expecting a DLC to bring heists to them for the game’s multiplayer mode. This didn’t happen, and Rockstar instead focused on the invading hackers that were making a mockery of the game.

Last week Rockstar forced these hackers off public servers, from where they were detained in a cheater’s lobby, waiting to be banned from the usual servers. So what’s the next move for GTA Online?

The company revealed that it’s securing GTA Online, and when that’s done it’ll get back to the DLCs. We all thought heists were coming, but thanks to the hackers, they’re not.

There’s no release date for the new DLC, which seems unfair on the genuine players. These guys have been slogging along in an honest fashion and have been left twisting in the wind because of a few bad ‘uns.

The payout for revisited missions is poor, but even so, the honest players have been schlepping along patiently. They can actually feel a sense of achievement when they get somewhere.

There are way fewer hackers in GTA Online now, and the fans are hoping that Rockstar can hurry up and ban the stragglers so that it can get on with the real business of the DLCs.

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