New Dodge Challenger Hellcat Could Feature In Fast 8

There have long been rumors about Dodge working on a Dodge Challenger Hellcat ADR model and some people think that the vehicle seen in the new Fast 8 trailer might be it.

If you pay more attention to the cars that are in the trailer of the new Fast 8 instead of all the explosions, you would have noticed the Dodge Challenger SRT that was in the trailer. Some people have noticed that the Challenger in the trailer seems to come with a flared bodywork around the wheel wells.

Many fans believe that the upcoming Dodge Challenger Hellcat ADR is going to come with a wider body and that has led some people into believing that the vehicle in the trailer could be it.

Dodge did not confirm the speculations but fans think that there might be on to something. Check out the trailer for yourself and tell us what you think.

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