NBA 2K15: Its Raining Locker Codes

2K became the subject of a huge buzz yesterday after the game developer gave out new Locker Codes for the highly successful basketball video game, NBA 2K15.

Some gamers pointed out that 2K is guilty of making the game too easy with the many giveaways while other simply accepted the rewards with open arms. Regardless of the divided opinions, the codes are already launched and available for players to indulge on.

We have the Locker Codes right here with us and they are as follow:

• IWATCHEDNBA2KTV – Grants 1,000 VC Points
• PARKSWAG – Grants 500 VC Points
• HEYGUYS – Rewards Random Items
• MYSTERY – Rewards Random Items

Of course, the interesting bit here is the VC Points. After all, accumulating 20,000 points will unlock “Runneth Over”. The above might sound like cheating but since it came from 2K, then there is no harm in applying the Locker Codes in NBA 2K15.


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