2015 Jeep Wrangler: Large Tyres Is The Way To Go [PICS]

Remember that monster truck in the Ace Ventura film starring Jim Carrey? Well, try imagining one with the Jeep Wrangler. Doing so will give you Forgiato’s rendition of the great 4×4.

In detail, the Forgiato Wrangler came out with wheels that measure 26” in diameter and rubbers that are 14” thick. Unfortunately, the specially made Wrangler won’t be compatible for the rough terrain due to the little rivets that are fragile.

On the other hand, Forgiato is also offering the Wrangler with gigantic 37” mud tyres that completes an overall off-road image. Of course, the tyres are all paired to Fox suspensions that comes with double shocks.

As for the design, Forgiato has changed the doors to those Bestop tubular frames. The change helps flaunt the white and black leather interior.

Some might wonder on how the Forgiato Wrangler was overlooked by the masses. The car was supposed to be part of SEMA but it failed to show up in time. The developer, Underground AV shared that this is because of the tyres that failed to get produced quickly.

Nevertheless, the Forgiato Wrangler is now available in the market but is limited in numbers. However, consumers should note that the vehicle won’t be offering an extra-ordinary performance. The Wrangler is all about being the fashionista on the road.

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