Gabe Newell Acknowledges Half Life 3!

Fans of the Half Life franchise waiting for Half Life 3 are about to get treated to Gabe Newell’s first words on the highly anticipated title. The co-founder of Valve and creator of the Half Life franchise has finally broke the silence on Half Life 3 in a short interview that occurred earlier today.

When questioned about the game, Gabe simply says that he was surprised by the anticipation showed by the fans on Half Life 3. Gabe then concluded the Half Life subject by saying that Half Life 3 won’t be released anytime soon as it is not being developed. However, due to the strong interest by the fans, Gabe admitted that the game is possible for production in the future.

After being put to wait for more than a decade, the response by Gabe Newell is certainly not enlightening at all. On the bright side of things, it does confirm that Half Life fans are not delusional and there will indeed be a Half Life 3 coming. The bigger question here is when?