NBA 2K15: Being Accurate Is Not Part Of The Plan

One of the new features in the game NBA 2K15 is the new face scanning feature in the career mode that will allow players to scan their faces so that they can have a character in the game that looks like them.

While the idea itself sounds pretty interesting, the mode is turning out to be way more hilarious and interesting in reality as players started uploading images of how their character look like after the scan.

There were some that actually looked decent, but there was other that looked like they came from a horror movie. Some face was distorted and odd. Some fans are saying that those players probably layered the picture a few times to make it look like the scanning feature is bad.

Whether they layered it or not, it is sure fun to see some of them playing the game with some of these awkward looking faces. Have you tried scanning your face into the NBA game? How did it turn out?

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