Kingdom Hearts 3 May Arrive On Shelves In December

There are many people waiting for the arrival of Kingdom Hearts 3 but we have no idea when the game is going to make its way onto the market.

It has been said that Kingdom Hearts 3 is in the last stages of its production and rumours have been going around that we may it arrive on the shelves in December. The reason for the rumour is that Amazon listed the game online. However it is thought that it may just be for taking pre-orders of the game.

The director of Kingdom Hearts 3 said that the reason behind the wait for the game is the exchange of game engines. Then he went on to say that the swap had been something of a process and they had to start from the ground up. He said that the team wanted to make sure that they could recreate the effects of the Unreal engine and that they could be adapted.

Of course you should take this with a pinch of salt for now but it is possible that Kingdom Hearts 3 may arrive on the shelves in December in time for the holidays.

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