Minecraft Xbox 360 & One Update Takes Players Back To Pre-School

4J Studio was proud to announce on their Twitter that the update 1.6.4 is now available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360’s version of Minecraft. This latest addition arrived earlier today and it surprised the entire Minecraft population because it was only last week when the game developer launched a massive DLC to Minecraft.

The 1.6.4 update came out with one purpose and it is to nurture the players on the tons of new features that arrived with the last DLC. 4J Studio shared that the update adds in a Tutorial World that is built to cater the old and new players.

In detail, the Tutorial World assist in guiding players on the new features like how to create fireworks, riding horses, engaging enemies and many more. Even if the player is an experienced Minecraft gamer, he or she can take part in a challenge to find all the hidden Music Discs scattered in the Tutorial World.

The 1.6.4 update might not be huge but it is much welcomed by the players. After all, there are many that are still clueless on how to fully enjoy Minecraft and the Tutorial World should be able to aid them in understanding the highly successful, open world sandbox game.


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