More Minecraft Xbox 360 & Xbox One TU14 Details Emerge

The release date for the Minecraft Xbox 360 update 14 hasn’t been given out yet and neither has the port for the Xbox One, however we have seen a photo which came from 4J Studios and this offers gamers an idea of what they might expect to see then it comes out.

Images of the update 14 for Minecraft Xbox 360 came out on Friday showing the creative mode. It gives gamers peace of mind that 4 J Studios are continuing to progress on work of the game when it comes to Minecraft ports and it has been said that the Minecraft: PS3 Edition is stable.

Fans of Minecraft have been teased the past few months when the Studio release photos with TV sets in the background. The photos seemingly show various merchandise from Minecraft. In November of last year the European exclusive Minecraft Xbox 360 hardware bundle was shown off along with new Minecraft toys, which revealed photos of Minecraft PlayStation 3 Edition. The Tweet which emerged on Friday was as subtle as the ones that came before it.

The previous Tweets showed off two TVs that will have by now sparked off enough speculation to last the whole weekend. They seem to give gamers confirmation that with the update 14 for Minecraft Xbox 360 will come structures that are randomly generated, this is something that gamers playing on the PC have had ever since Minecraft 1.3.

The photos show that the jungle fortress seems to have been rendered on the Xbox One and this gives gamers proof that 4 J Studios will release new content for all ports of the game around the same time. At the moment we haven’t seen any photos of Minecraft for the PS4, however it could be hard to tell between the versions of the PS3 and PS4 thanks to the fact that they have DualShock 4 matching colour schemes. So we could have seen photos and just thought that they were of the Minecraft PS3 version when in reality then could have been from the PS4 version.

It seems that structures that are randomly generated will not be the only thing that is new in update 14. Gamers on the original console port will be able to build iron anvils and it looks like the worlds on the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will have Emeralds. The Minecraft Xbox 360 update is set to bring tripwire hooks too.

There hasn’t been any indication of mules and horses making their way to the console version of the game, however on the Minecraft Xbox One screen it does show what appears to be confirmation of the Carrot on a Stick. Gamers can get aboard a pig.

See the images here.

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