Uncharted 4: Don’t Get Naughty Dog Reveal Confused With Release

There are plenty of mysteries surrounding Uncharted 4 and that has led the fans to bombard Naughty Dog with questions. After a short spell of silence, the game developer finally responded and promised gamers that more details on Uncharted 4 will be revealed sometime this year.

While that is enough to set the fans crazy, it appears to be bad news. If taking it literally, reveal and release are two different words. If this is true, then the rumours that claimed Unchartered 4 to arrive in 2015 seems likely.

Despite that fact, the fans remain positive as they continue to hope for the announcement to be made early this year. If this were to happen, then the Playstation exclusive title can debut during fall.

At the moment, fans can feed their desire for Uncharted 4 with the game’s teaser trailer. The short video was unveiled last November giving fans plenty to hope for. Since Unchartered 4 will arrive on the PS4, fans are expecting a massive graphical improvement as well as a rich and long storyline to come along with it.

If you’ve yet to view the teaser trailer, you can view it on YouTube. It is simply a short narration from a mysterious voice that vows revenge on the protagonist.

Other titles that Naughty Dog is working on are the DLC for The Last of Us. The content named Left Behind will look to arrive in a matter of weeks and the game developer should announce something soon.


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