Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Exit Quietly, Pro 5 Arrival Expected?

Microsoft has been very secretive when it comes to their Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Nothing has been announced yet but some people are saying that we might hear from Microsoft real soon.

This was after some people started noticing that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are now being offered at a cheaper price. This usually happens when the retailers are trying to clear out all the stock so that they have room for a new device.

There were also a few reports suggesting that Microsoft will be unveiling the Pro 5 this spring alongside the new Window 10 update. According to Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, the reason why they are holding back the Windows 10 update is because they want it to be compatible with the new surface device.

No elaboration was made but fans believe that that is a sign that a new Surface will be arriving. Whether it is the Surface Pro 5 or not is a whole other story.

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