Samsung Galaxy X: Don’t Expect To Buy One

Earlier this year, there were rumors suggesting that Samsung might be working on a new smartphone with a foldable smartphone but nobody really knew if that was really going to happen.

It has just been reported that Samsung has just filed a trademark for the Samsung Galaxy X brand. While it does not say that it is the foldable smartphone that we all have been talking about, most people seems to believe that that is the case here.

Samsung is not the only one that is said to be working on a device with a foldable screen as some reports believe that LG might also have one to offer this year but so far, we have not seen anything from Samsung or LG.

At this point, the Samsung Galaxy X could be anything. Samsung could also be trademarking it for the future and it might have nothing to do with a foldable device.

Curved screens are becoming more and more common but so it made sense that Samsung and LG, who was one the first few to start offering devices with curved displays would take things a step further to stay ahead of their rivals. Protection Status