Microsoft Surface Phone Won’t Be Taking Styling Advise From Tablets

Nobody knows if Microsoft is really working on a new range of Microsoft Surface Phone but this new leak suggests that they are and that the new Microsoft Surface Phone will not look anything like the Surface tablets we have in the market right now.

The new image seen here was posted on Baidu by Nokibar, a leaker. According to the leaker, the device in the image is the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone. Looking at the device, it is clear that it looks nothing like the other Surface devices in the market.

There were also talk about the Microsoft Surface Phone coming in with a few spec options. The base model is believed to be a 3GB RAM device with 32GB of internal storage followed by a 6GB RAM and 128GB storage device. The top of the range model will come with 8GB RAM and 500GB of storage.

The device in the image was also fitted with a USB Type C-Port. What do you think of the so call Surface Phone?

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