Microsoft Surface Phone: Will It Work

The new Windows 10 OS and the Lumia name definitely did not work out for Microsoft. Try as they might, the consumers are just not willing to give their smartphone a chance.

Some people blame the Window App store, while other blamed the design and Windows’s reputation. No matter what the reason it, it is clear that there is no place for the Lumia in the market right now but what about the Surface? Is there a place for it?

The Surface tablet definitely made a mark in the tablet market when it first arrives and some people believe that the Surface Phone will also do the same when it finally arrives but will it?

It will ultimately be another Microsoft smartphone. What does it need to have to make sure the consumers don’t walk pass it?

Nobody knows if the Surface Phone is ever going to arrive or not but we do know that Microsoft have not given up on the smartphone industry just yet.

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