Microsoft Surface Phone: Will It Be A Game Changer?

The Microsoft Surface tablet was certainly a game changer in the tablet market but will the same thing happen when Microsoft bring out the Surface Phone? Even though Mazda has never confirmed that they are working on a new Surface Phone, most people believe that the game-changing smartphone that they keep talking about it the Surface Phone.

The question now is whether a Surface Phone would be enough to convince the consumer to make the jump to a Windows device. The Lumia device certainly failed to convince them so what makes you think that the Surface Phone will be able to do it.

It is believed that Microsoft is working to get their smartphone to run the standard version of the Windows 10. That means the phone will be like a PC in your pocket. If they are able to do that, we are certain that more people will make the jump but will it be enough?

What else do you think the Surface Phone should have if Microsoft wants to compete with Android and iOS.

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