Microsoft Surface Phone: Don’t Expect To See A Match

The Microsoft Surface Phone is actually is a huge mystery. Microsoft never really did indicate that they are working on one but they did say that their upcoming smartphone will be as game changing as the Surface tablets were.

Although there has never been any real evidence indicating that Microsoft is working on the Surface Phone, the fans seem to believe that the device is being made and that we will be seeing it soon.

The device is the images here is believed to be the upcoming Surface Phone. The images were posted on Baidu by Nokibar. If the leak is real, it looks like the Surface Phone will look very different from the standard Surface devices.

The leaker also added that Microsoft plans to offer three version of the Surface Phone. The base model will come with 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. That is followed by the 6GB RAM model with 128GB of internal storage as well as the 8GB RAM and 500GB internal storage model.

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