2017 Ford Focus, Fusion, & Fiesta All Ready To Be Sync

Ford users were not too happy with Ford’s past infotainment system but that all change but Ford release the new Ford Sync 3 infotainment system. The system is available on some of the models now but thing will be more consistent in the future.

According to Ford, the new Sync 3 system will be available on all 2017 Ford models, including SUV, EV, compacts, and light trucks. Not only will their customers get to enjoy the newly design interface but they will also be able to use the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto system as well.

With all 2017 now set to come with the new infotainment system, some people have predicted that the prices for the 2017 Ford models might be upgraded as well although we will only know for sure when Ford start releasing more details about their upcoming 2017 models.

The new Sync 3 infotainment system have been receiving some great feedbacks and most people do think that it is a huge step forward for Ford so the upgrade will be very much welcome.

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