Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Will The Surface Be The Replacement We Need

It is clear that the Lumia devices are not working out for Microsoft. Some people used to blame the Window OS but that can’t be used as an excuse now as the new Windows 10 is clearly way better than the Windows 8 and still people are not willing to give the Lumia a chance. So what is next for Microsoft.

Well, many believe that Microsoft has not given up on dominating the smartphone market just yet. It is believed that Microsoft might already be working on a new smartphone and that the new smartphone could possibly be the rumored Surface Phone.

Microsoft found success when they first announce the Microsoft Surface Tablet but will the same happen when they bring in the Surface Phone? A lot of people seems to think that that will be the case.

The fact now is that nobody really knows if there is really going to be a Surface Phone or not but many people believe that the next smartphone we see from Microsoft could be the real game-changer that we have been waiting to see.

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