Pokemon Go: Christmas Hat Will Stay On!

For the Holiday Season, Niantics release a new holiday update for the app Pokemon Go. One of the updates that we will be getting is the new limited time, Santa Hat wearing Pikachu but it looks like you can also get a hat wearing Raichu as well.

According to Niantics, Raichu will keep the Santa Hat on if you evolve it from a hot wearing Pikachu. They added that the got will be there permanently even after the event has ended.

You will need 50 Pikachu candy to evolve your Santa Har Pikachu to Raichu but even if you don’t have one now, you can still evolve it after the event and get yourself the Santa Hat Raichu.

The event will go on until the 29th of December 2016. Niantics have been trying to spice things up for their fans in hopes that the fans will pick up the app once more. Will this convince you to get the app once more?

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