Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Users Lefted Out Once More

Here is the thing with Microsoft and their Windows 10 powered devices. The devices do come with great specs and features but one of the consumers biggest fear is that they will not be getting the apps that the other smartphone users are getting and with apps being such a big part of smartphone now, that is a big problem.

We know that Windows 10 users have already been missing out on all the Snapchat fun and now it looks like they will have to miss out on the whole Pokemon Go phenomenon as well.

While most people were busy running around on the street, Microsoft Lumia 950 XL are left wondering if they will ever get the app. There has been no indication that a Windows 10 Phone version is being worked on and we don’t think they will be getting the app anytime soon.

However, some might argue that those using these Windows 10 powered device are not interested in Snapchatting and catching Pokemon Go.

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