Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: More Work To Be Done

Compared to the Windows 8 Microsoft device is the past, the new Microsoft Windows 10 powered Lumia 950 XL is a huge improvement but that does not mean that Microsoft job here is done.

Despite all they had to offer on the new Windows 10 OS, the Lumia 950 XL still did not do that well. If Windows wasn’t the problem, what is?

Well, some consumers are afraid of committing to another Windows smartphone after what they have experience with the Microsoft Lumia 900. As nice as the device was, a lot of their user felt left out when Microsoft announce that they will not be supporting them anymore. Not only will they not get any more software update but some of them have reported that some of their apps like Zune have gone missing as well.

Then there is the issue of feeling left out. Because popular apps usually come late for the Windows-powered device, a lot of users will often feel left out. It definitely did not help when Microsoft decided to give their new Lumia devices such a bland design.

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