Uncharted 5 Would Be A Terrible Idea, Says Fans

The Uncharted series was one of the best game franchise that we have ever had and while it is sad to see it end with Uncharted 4, we also think that Naughty Dog dod a great job of wrapping up the game.

While most people believe that this is the end, other seems to think that it is only the end for Nathan Drake and not Uncharted. If so, which angle do you think Naughty Dog will work from?

Some fans think that the game might follow Nathan Drake’s daughter. In the latest game, we were introduced to their daughter at the end of the game and of you look around, you will see magazines with Cassie (their daughter) on the cover finding treasures. She also seems to be very knowledgeable when it comes to history just like her father.

The other possibility if that we will be following Sam Drake and Victor Sullivan. We were introduced to Nathan’s brother in the last game and at the end of it all, Sam talked about how he wants more and was seen asking Sullivan if he has any jobs for him.

As nice as those options sound, the fans seems to be agree that the best option will be to not make another Uncharted game. The game ended on a great note and that would be ruin if the next game flop. Maybe Naughty Dog should just leave it as it is and let us all remember it for being the great franchise that we all enjoyed.

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