Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Microsoft Will Ditched It Like 900

Microsoft made it clear that some of their older devices like the Lumia 900 would still get the new Windows 10 OS when they first announce it but a long wait, they came out to announce that the Lumia 900 will not be getting the update.

Unlike the Windows 10 OS which is actually pretty good, the Windows 8 OS that the Lumia 900 was running on was actually pretty buggy and the users were all looking forward to getting rid of it but that did not happen.

Not only were they stuck with the old OS but some users also reported that some of their apps started going missing. Apps like Zune was taken out and users were slowly but surely left with a device that was close to being useless.

While we do not know when Microsoft will come out with a new OS to replace the Windows 10, some people believe that the Lumia 950 will not be getting the update when the time comes. Protection Status