Samsung Galaxy S8: What’s Will It Offer

All eyes are on the Samsung Galaxy S8 right now and Samsung will have to make sure that they get it right this time or they could be losing a lot of their fans for good.

New reports are now suggesting that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 could be coming in with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 256GB of internal storage. Some fans got a little worried as they thought that this could mean that the device will be coming without a microSD card but it looks like Samsung has not planned to ditch the MicroSD slot once more.

Samsung is still trying to win back their fans and taking out the microSD is not the way to go but offering the S8 with a huge internal storage with a microSD is.

It is believe that the device could also be fitted with 6GB RAM as well. Those without the Snapdragon processor will most likely get the Exynos 9 Series chipset instead. Protection Status