Apple AirPods Is Only Weeks Away According To Tim Cook

The AirPods was supposed to be release alongside the new Apple iPhone 7 but it has been delayed. At this point, Apple has never hinted the possible release date of the wireless headset and most people believe that we might only get to see them next year but according to Tim Cook, you might be able to include the AirPods in your Christmas shopping list this year.

We do not know if this is the real Tim Cook or not but when customers reached out to Apple to ask for a release date stating that if the wait is long, he or she would just get a wireless headphone instead of waiting.

Well, Tim Cook responded by saying that Apple is finalizing the Airpods and that they will begin shopping in a few weeks time. We do not know if this is the real deal or not but if it is, it looks like the wait might finally be over for this new AirPods.

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