Microsoft Lumia 950 Fail The First Impressive Test

Not only does smartphone manufacturer have to come out with a smartphone with great specs and offering but it is also important for them to make sure that they get the design right.

Some might say that it was the operating system and made the Lumia 950 into a failure and we also think that the design also played a huge role in the downfall of the Lumia 950.

The Lumia 950 was not ugly but it wasn’t innovative or stunning. You don’t really see it and feel like it is a device that you must own. Maybe if Microsoft has gone and gave it a design like an image above, the Lumia 950 would have had a better time.

The concept design seen above was designed by artist Lucas Silva who thinks that the organic casing might work well on the Lumia. While we are not so sure about the organic part, we can’t deny that it is unique and different. What do you think of it?

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