Microsoft HoloLens Would Help With Your Portal 3 Thirst

At this point, most of us believe that Portal 3 is never going to happen but for the Portal fans, it is not the end of the journey yet. Remember the VR portal, well, there is now an augmented reality Portal and it looks amazing.

The concept was created by game-maker Kenny W who posted his project on Reddit. His idea was to apply the mechanics of Portal into the real world using the Microsoft HoloLens glasses.

The lens allowed him to overlay the game mechanics on a real physical space and object allowing fans to experience the Portal game in real life. He added that the game was made using Unity 3D engine.

The end result is something rather interesting. Not only does it bring back some sweet Portal memories but it also allows us to see how gaming might be in the future. You can check out the Reddit post here and his demo video here.

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