The Division Fans No Happy With Pandora’s Intervention

Ubisoft announces that they will be working on a new Avatar game and while Avatar fans were rejoicing, The Division fans were not too happy with what Ubisoft has planned.

According to Ubisoft, the Avatar game is just too big of a game and that they will need the help of Massive Entertainment to help them complete it. The only issue is that fans feel like Massive Entertainment still has a lot of work to do when it comes to The Division.

Despite all the update, the Division still does not feel complete yet and fans feel like the developer has not given them what they wanted. If Massive Entertainment were to help out with the Avatar game, does it mean that there will not longer be any Division upgrade in the future?

However, Ubisoft has come out to reassure the fans that Massive Entertainment will assign a dedicated team to work on Avatar and that the team working on The Division will continue working on the game to improve it.

While that does not mean that the updates we want will be coming soon, at least we know that they have not tossed it aside for now. Protection Status