Mercedes-Benz Subcompact SUV: Audi Q2 Should Be Scared

The Audi Q2 will definitely have to be worried if Mercedes-Benz does decide to work on a Subcompact SUV model. Luckily for them, the vehicle seen here is also a concept created by Theophilus Chin.

The artist took the GLA and reimagine it as a much smaller model. It is a little odd to see the Mercedes badge on such a small model but overall, the vehicle does look great and we are sure a lot of people would not mind owning one like this.

Of course, Mercedes has never hinted that they are working on a compact model like this but some people believe that Mercedes will eventually go down that path since their competitors like Audi already have models like this to offer. The Mercedes model would come in to compete with the Audi Q2.

Check out the concept created by artist Theophilus Chin and tell us what you think of it. Protection Status