Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered: How It Is Going To Be Massive

Bioware has been teasing on the possibility of producing Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered and this has got the fans buzzing on their expectations for the game.

It seems that most fans agreed Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered should come with all the DLCs intact. They certainly hate the idea of purchasing a DLC on a remake title as Bioware can already integrate the old add-ons together with the final product.

Also, Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is required to come with balancing to its graphics. In between every Mass Effect title in the trilogy, there have been graphical upgrades. Well, the final product which is Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered should come with a single graphical standard.

Of course, these are just the basic requests made by the fans. Bioware is still pending to confirm on Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered’s production. What is for certain is the coming of Mass Effect 4.

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