GTA 5 PC Is A Masterpiece

GTA 5 has finally landed on the PC and it has returned to the top of the charts in terms of best games right now. It took Rockstar almost 2 years to launch GTA 5 on the PC but for the gamers on the platform, the wait is well worth it.

This is because GTA 5 on the PC offers the ultimate GTA experience. Unlike the console versions of the game, PC GTA 5 can be played with graphics that goes beyond the standard 1080p mark.

In addition to that, GTA 5 on the PC comes with some exclusive features of its own. Among them is the ability to mod the game, which is something that cannot be practiced on the consoles. Heck, even today, there are already couple of mods created by independent developers.

Now, all that is left for Rockstar to do is remotely manage the game through launching DLCs. Once they are tired of that, GTA fans can start looking forward to GTA 6.

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