Mass Effect Trilogy: Fans Wishlist Acknowledged By Bethesda

Game developer Bioware was spotted doing a short questionnaire on various social networking website last week. The survey was aimed at Mass Effect players but instead of being about the highly anticipated sequel, Mass Effect 4, Bioware was asking about the Mass Effect trilogy.

When asked, the company revealed that they are building a short wishlist of what fans want if they are to re-create the entire Mass Effect Trilogy prior to Mass Effect 4’s release. However, Bioware cooled the hype by claiming that nothing has been confirmed yet but if it does get produced, then the game will be called Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered.

The wishlist was also discovered to be very simple and straightforward. It seems that every Mass Effect fan agreed that Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered must come with all the DLCs included. Also, fans would love to see the remake to come with some graphical improvements.

While Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is still a blurry subject at this point, fans are getting their hopes up for the game. After all, there is no better way to start on Mass Effect 4 then through replaying the entire Mass Effect Trilogy.

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