2016 Lexus RX SUV Facelift: Steel Falling Out Of Favour?

It is no secret that the Lexus RX will be updated with a facelift model ad it is due to arrive in 2016. Earlier today, the Japanese luxury carmaker from Toyota spilled more beans on the upcoming SUV.

Lexus shared that they are minimizing the usage of steel and is applying more aluminium with the RX Facelift. This will drastically reduce its weight, thus improving performance and fuel efficiency.

Unlike Ford and the aluminium built F-150, the RX will only be incorporating the lighter metal for their hood, tailgate and closures. The changes will be applied to both the RX350 and RX450 Facelift models.

Lexus concluded the reveal by claiming that aluminium is now favoured in the automotive industry. The carmaker added that it is already practiced by German carmakers and most vehicles in the future will shift towards using aluminium.


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